...the ARM CHAIR which converts into an EXERCISE MACHINE

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Arm chair modell

A comfortable easy arm chair in many styles and colours. But with the push of a button it converts into a fully functional exercise machine.

This chair is made from a strong tubular frame with a hydraulic system to raise the seat to exercise height. The side panels are from wood and composition and can be made to any design, pattern or colour to match existing furniture.
The chair comes in a flat pack with easy instructions for assembly.

Office chair model

The problem with most fitness apparatus is storage when not in use. The home gym machines are a particular problem and nine out of ten end up in the garage in a spare room gathering dust, or in a bedroom in every bodies way until finally thrown out.

A British inventor by the name of Peter Ashley has invented the perfect solution to this problem...

THE EASY X CHAIR, can be used in the home, and the office version for the workplace. Its an ordinary looking easy arm chair in appearance but is far from ordinary. Because by the pull of a button the chair becomes a fully functional multy purpose gym machine capable of allowing a full body workout.

The designer says it is the ultimate in home gym machines and you can work out while watching television or listening to your favourite music. The EASY X CHAIR as it is called, and really is the lazy way to keeping fit, it even has a bike mechanism as well.

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Weights at rear, with cover removed. Supplied weight 50 kilos more can be added.

Here is a list of exercises:

  • Abdominal press
  • Bench press wide grip
  • Bench press close grip
  • Biceps
  • Bicycle
  • Butterfly
  • Calf raise
  • Inner thigh
  • Kneeling triceps
  • Leg extension
  • Lateral pull
  • Push ups
  • Rowing
  • Sitting pull
  • Standing laterals
  • Wrist twist
    Bicycle warm up
    Calf raise
    Inclined bench
    Abdominal press
    Biceps press
    Lateral Pull
    Inner Tight Pull
    Kneeling tricep pull
    Push up
    Leg extention
    Sitting Pull
    Upright Row trapezoids
    Wrist twist
    Standing Deltoid Pull

    This invention is protected by a full European And international patent and any person violating, copying or producing this chair without certified authority Will be prosecuted under international law

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